Allende Bascuñán & Cía. exhibited in the IFA Congress Costa Rica 2018

The 10th Latin American Regional Meeting of the International Fiscal Association took place on May 23rd, 24th and 25th at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in San José, Costa Rica.

The, partner Gonzalo Garfias, along with the associate Pablo Ibáñez, exhibited on the panel of “Development of automatic information exchange mechanisms in Latin America”. Here the different exhibitors talked about the reality that their country lives in regrading the mechanisms that being implemented.

For their part the lawyers of ABCIA touched 4 topics:

-Automatic exchange of information to avoid double taxation under the agreements signed in Chile. (-Gonzalo Garfias-).

-FATCA application in Chile (American law that obliges foreign financial institutions to inform the U.S. tax authority on accounts of their citizens abroad-Gonzalo Garfias-).

– Interpretation of the new mechanism “Commun Reporting Standard”. ( – Pablo Ibanez – ).

– Implementation of the new mechanism “Report Country by Country”. ( – Pablo Ibanez – ).