Partners of Allende Bascuñán & Cía. conduct colloquium on “Administrative Sanctions in the Current Chilean Law”

On Wednesday April 4th, at the Allende Bascuñán & Cía. offices was held a symposium on “Administrative Sanctions in the Current Chilean Law”. The presentation was attended by 15 lawyers from important companies of the country, from the most relevant economic areas, such as mining, sanitary services, electrical services, transport, banking, agribusiness.

The exhibition was in charge of the Allende Bascuñán & Cía.´s Regulatory Area partners, Felipe Bascuñán and Mauricio Viñuela, and the associate, Daniel Gallardo. The talk was carried out by Mauricio Viñuela, who is a PUC lawyer, PhD in Law from the University of Navarra, professor of Administrative Law at the Universidad de Los Andes and professor of the Diploma in Administrative Penalties taught by Law Faculty of that house of studies.

The sustained economic growth that our country has presented in recent years has manifested itself in a greater regulation from the State in the various areas of economic activity as well as in the development of people defense. This has opened the way for comptroller jurisprudence, constitutional jurisprudence and judicial jurisprudence in general. That makes the today the administrative sanctions are a matter of special interest”, explains Mauricio Viñuela.